Theory Works

Sifu Emin would like to give all of the EBMAS-students the opportunity, to enrich your knowledge through well-founded jobs of high teacher- degrees. They also serve as a guide to the requirements, imposed by Emin at all future teachers of the EBMAS.

Dai Sifu Emin

Science in Wing Tzun & Escrima to be a System or Method

Bretislav Slansky

My Way

Ingo Weigel

What is Wing Tzun

Christian Schober

Movement in the Wing Tzun

Ashkan Sarabi

Sifu Work

Rosario Alessio

Why in the ZigZag-Steps we launch the first punch with the Wu-Sao hand

Del perché nei passi variabili si parte sempre con il pugno relativo alla mano del Wu

Marty Odsather

Foodwork Latosa Escrima

5 Distances Lecture Outline

Latosa Weapon System - Box System

Woman Self Defense

David Lesser

Self Defense