EBMAS is an abbreviation for Emin Boztepe Martial Arts System and the name of the association.

Emin Boztepe - founder of the association - grew up in Germany and began to learn intensively different martial arts very early in his 14th year.

Sifu Emin uses most of his time to visit these schools and hold seminars, so that as many of his students and instructors as possible can learn from him directly and the quality of the martial arts schools can be maintained.

EBMAS schools stand for self-defense at the highest level.

Even if the training is a friendly atmosphere, the combative aspect is clearly highlighted.

The students learn in a respectful co-operation to protect themselves from each other.


The martial art was developed more than 250 years ago in China by the nun NG Mui and the beautiful Yim Wing Tsun, after whom the martial art is named.

Thanks to their highly developed martial art technique these two women could win fights with the strongest men of their time. Since then WT had been taught practically only within families and clans. The great master Yip Man who died in 1972, was the last Wing Tsun teacher who taught Chinese students exclusively.

Today there are tens of thousands of members worldwide (in over 56 countries) who are learning this martial art system which was updated by Leung Ting, Yip Man’s latest master-pupil.

The European Chief-instructor, Dai Sifu K. R. Kernspecht, brought the WT system to Europe twenty years ago and has since trained several generations of highly qualified martial arts instructors in the European Wing Tsun Organization.